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Hatch Constructions Group is the product of Robert Palazzi and Will Crutchley. The company was formed after they had been colleagues at a well-established construction company. They enjoyed their work but wanted the opportunity to get more hands-on with the entire process – from project management to craftsmanship and everything in between. Both Robert and Will recognize the importance of working with the client to truly understand their unique needs and vision for each project, and to build a map for making that vision a reality.

Hatch Construction Group’s streamlined project management process means jobs run efficiently – on time and within budget. Hatch’s philosophy is to be ethical, professional and to construct projects to the highest possible standard. The company recognizes that both the Client and the Architect are an integral part of the building delivery team, and that working in collaboration is the best way to achieve the highest quality project outcomes.

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Hatch is a Sydney-based construction company well equipped and qualified to undertake large and small residential and commercial projects. We have built a solid reputation as an honest, reliable and efficient construction company that understands the diverse needs of a range of client segments. This has been proven by our strong customer retention, and word of mouth referrals, generating new projects. We are an active member of the Housing Industry Association and have an outstanding reputation as being construction specialists, dedicated to providing exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

Based on our demonstrated capability and strategic partnerships with consultants and sub contractors, along with our enduring business relationships, we are ideally placed to partner with home owners, businesses and private investors to deliver projects at the high standards our clients require.

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Value Proposition

Communication and client relationships are the key reasons for the strong word of mouth and customer retention Hatch enjoys.

Hatch is dedicated to ensuring each project is thoroughly resourced and inducted into a streamlined project management service. This system allows the Hatch team to take responsibility of projects at each stage of development - with an emphasis on conscientious planning, impeccable quality, costing control and regular communication which leads to a customer experience that consistently give our clients exceptional service and delivery.

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Competitive Advantage

As a future-focused organisation, Hatch stays at the forefront of innovations in the building industry. We are consistently up to date with the latest building and development software and technology, helping to identify ways to improve the delivery of projects and refine processes. We also understand the importance of proven building methods and utilise the appropriate combination of traditional and innovative building methods to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In addition to our focus on combing new building products and methodology with existing methods, Hatch enjoys exceptionally strong relationships with its strategic partners (such as consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers).

This network of relationships allows us to pass benefits on to clients in the form of flexibility and cost savings.

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Capability & Capacity

With a permanent workforce including project managers, site managers, carpenters and apprentices, we are well positioned to take on a range of residential and commercial projects.

The extensive experience and diverse skill sets within the Hatch team means we are able to take on a range of different project types, and continue to consistently exceed client expectations – while delivering projects on time and within budget.

Our agnostic approach to 'ways of working' (i.e. with architects, directly with clients, or a combination) means Hatch is able to work across a wide range of different projects, always dedicated to the build outcome, regardless of the path to get there.

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Technology & Software

This is a strength for Hatch and central to the streamlining of project management and meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Hatch uses Builder Trend to manage all projects. All project information is stored on this cloud based system to allow Hatch, our sub-contractors and clients to access all required information for the duration of the project and afterwards.

With daily log updates and photos, it allows all parties to track the process of the job and record information.